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  1. @MessiahRoss

    i'm glad everyone likes this. hey wheelbarrow i see the start of something good we can get a how to thing wear it going it's a good idea.

  2. @OmgLoveParis

    Yes he most definitely does and not only is he a junky but he most def knows how to rock it to the max S.O to you <3.Do your thing and Keep it coming =)____ Paris

  3. Hannah B.

    Hes HOT!! Deffenetly made the right choice choosing this guy!

  4. Cella

    this pic is hard >:o there couldnt of been a better choice for a Kid Robot representative he's always wearing it i've never seen him wear anything else lol and he rocks it good too

    * Ross Nation all day get with it or kick rox

  5. ToniTony

    Yea i know the kid… Messiah is def a kidrobot junky. he literary wears everything and I mean everything kidrobot. He rocks it well! great KR representative!

  6. kamateivory

    since day one thats ALL ive seen this lovley gentlemen wear…he definitely rocks his robot !!!

  7. The Sanchez

    I'm surprised at the thought of another being a candidate for the brand. Messiah is kid robot

  8. Jenny

    Labbit <3 the Messiah Ross by Kid Robot ™. Messiah is the complete human form of Kid Robot. Kid robot is his LIFE down to his socks. I must agree with previous commentors that messiah is the best candidate to represent Kid Robot. Kid robot literally runs through his veins.

  9. Ashley s


  10. @iiDray

    Yeah my bro def rocks the robot faithfully could call him bender Ross withe all lat Swaggaluuah

  11. #1fan

    you look aweshummmmm ! watch me start rockin kidrobot now ! lol

  12. Bernadette

    Already from the previous comments, it is obvious to see that Messiah Ross has committed much of his style and personality to Kid Robot. For one to be known throughout SoHo for wearing a single brand, is extremely rare as it is. Literally from head to toe, Messiah Ross can be seen walking through SoHo strictly with this one brand. There are many people out there that impostor themselves as one to be
    "The Kid Robot", but it will be hard for me to see anyone match up to the combination of Messiah's collection and style.



  14. Vouqe

    Seriously?! Of course Messiah is the best candidate. He eat, breathes & S***s Kid Robot. I’ve even personally contributed to his addiction to Kid Robot. I can’t see anyone else in it; I’ll gag. Messiah Ross is the definition of Kid Robot. <3 ;).

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  16. Jose

    damn this looks a fly guy to me… lol .. haha thats my brother MESSIAH…. TRENDSETTER AND KID ROBOT MODEL ! lol

  17. @IsabelleOgirri

    Messiah is the best person to be picked for this because every time I see him he's all Kid Robot'ed out. From his hat, to an earring, shirt, belt, or zipper pull, its Kid Robot! He even just recently purchased a Kid Robot pillow!! Nobody else on this planet has as much Kid Robot, not even the Kid Robot store. Messiah is the definition of Kid Robot, and nobody can rock it like him.

  18. Ayana

    Messiah is ill! hands down! He makes kidrobot SEXY! Give this kid a job or something! His style is amazing, flyest young man i've seen wearing kidrobot!

  19. Cola

    i love his style..<3 i think more guys should dress like him.. kidrobot is the store to shop!

  20. @MessiahRoss

    wow this is so dope.. finally i'm glad i can give back to company. in anyway i can i hope to work further & i will deff be sending in more pics.

  21. Messiah Ross

    wow this is so dope.. finally i'm glad i can give back to company. in anyway i can i hope to work further & i will deff be sending in more pics.
    @messiahross on twitter.l.

  22. bergerbot

    his style is definitely that of a junky (oooo sick burn)
    but seriously…who is this person? either way, can't hate on a KR fan