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  1. samara

    wow – this looks awesome!

    i’m an aussie collector coming to SF in october for the treasure island festival.

    are there any kidrobot events planned round this time that me and my pal ruth can crash?


  2. D*

    Cool, but for the girl at the top…Hasbro doesn’t make gummi bears. It’s Haribo…

  3. BRiZL

    haha! i thought that was photoshopped at first! looks real cool! wish i was there in person! go SF & Candyland!

  4. Kevbayer

    I think this is cool and all but….it really should have been done in Providence RI considering that is where Hasbro is and always has been….there are plenty of hills and curves there too

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    COOL! I wish I was there to see it! But what’s the point, what are they going to do with a huge Candy Land lane?

  7. Bergerbot

    are people serious?!?! this is awesome, last year i rode a bike down this street…but getting it to the street was brutal…walking 4 blocks up on a 45 degree angle with a bike aint cool….props hasbro! i like ur gummy bears btw