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  1. Samuel

    פול Budnitz הוא סתם בן זונה עשיר עם חברים לא, המשימה שלו היא אמנים התעללות

  2. Samuel

    Besides every body is sick of the dunnys and the munnys, its time that for paul burundiz to go home and cry because he doesn't even have friends (just look at his twitter) he just abuses talented artists to make money he aint no toy entrepreneur he is just a rich kid with no talent and no friends

  3. Kidrobot

    Everyone has a right to their opinion but please keep comments clean or they might just disappear. Thanks.

  4. necronomicon

    paul butnitz should disappear form this world!

    • TFC

      People that don't know how to spell words like "from" (form) should disappear from this world, you turd!

  5. wordman

    he is a morron with money and no talent custom toys would exist with or without him

  6. @badalice2002

    i think it was a great idea on paul's to put everyone's name on thier books and toys, that way u cant really flip em'

  7. yo munkii munkii

    and may i just add paul budnitz is the founder of kidrobot !!!

  8. vOidOne

    Why is everyone hating on Paul Budnitz? IF you check his portfolio, he does have some great work. Without him, there would definitely be less of a custom vinyl figure following. Who cares if the dunny on the cover isnt designed by him…the book isnt about him either. Give some respect.

  9. agreewithcomicnot

    Tristian created the dunny.

    Anyone who thinks that Paul has an ounce of artistic talent is blind. He makes his money off other people. He didn't even design anything in the book! What a hack!

    • hu8o

      making money off other people is called capitalism. he's a toy entrepreneur, and a very good one at that.

  10. comiconot

    paul… such an untalented herb, abusing other peoples art!

    • yo munkii munkii

      how can u say that if it wasn't 4 paul they wouldn't have the dunnies 2 work on!?!?

  11. A Sitting Duck

    Paul at a signing in London would be awesome!…

    • yo munkii munkii

      that would be sick i would love that i would be 1st in line!!! :D

  12. yo munkii munkii

    also me and my girlfriend think paul budnitz should do a dunny! i'll buy 10 if he does !!!

  13. yo munkii munkii

    you are all so lucky paul budnitz is like god in my eyes !!!

    • Samuel

      WTF are you talking about? god? he is not even an artist, my 5 year old kid does better munnys.
      and for your information the creator of the dunny was Tristan Eaton this guy your "god" just put the money for making it

      • TFC

        You said it three freakin' times! We get it! If you hate the guy that invented the best company ever, stay off of it!

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