Exclusive SDCC Dunny T-shirt Plus Insane Giveaway!

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Kidrobot SDCC 2009 T-shirt plus FatCap Giveaway

Excitement’s running high for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and with so much to see and do, we imagine you’re having a pretty hard time planning your itinerary. Why don’t you let us help you out a little bit?

Swing by Kidrobot Booth #4529, buy an exclusive SDCC 2009 Dunny T-shirt and we’ll kick you an ultra rare 6-inch Series 2 Golden Tick FatCap designed by Toofly…for free! While supplies last, of course, so you’ll want to schedule this visit kinda early.

See you at Comic-Con!

9 Responses

  1. JayJayFool

    i think they are going to tweet when you can buy it.

  2. Ronin415

    WORD UP! I will be there wednesday for preview night, will it be on sale then? If now I will also be there all week! I hopet o get one at the show!

  3. Johnny

    when does this start going on sale? make enough to last till saturday?!

  4. rustedhalo

    my question would have to be…how much? $50 like a normal shirt of $20-$30 like a message board shirt?

  5. JayJayFool

    BOO i wish it was the white mad ape!! LOVE the shirt tho!!!!!!!