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  1. yo munkii munkii

    duz anyone know if kr ldn r selling 2010 dunny sealed cases this time coz i asked be4 but they didnt know wot they was! :S

  2. Kidrobot Dunny Series 2010 Preview «

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  3. jon

    ummm the one in the back-righthand corner looks like they just painted some of it and forgot to finish…

    • Brian Zee

      it's damarak the destroyers dunny i believe…..in the illustration pix it didnt look clear, i guess it is!!

  4. A Sitting Duck

    The apples one is pretty sweet!… :]

  5. Stacey Holley

    I dunno Why people are so upset about this series… There are a couple I could do without . but as a whole, the good outweighs the bad… there are a lot of dope designs in this series. wonder what the other Kozic one is…

  6. eatmoretoys

    the dunnys are back! all the previous series were begging to suck big time, Paul your gonna be a richer man after this, jerk. lol

    • Trademark310

      Based on a crappy photo of 7 Dunnys? OOHHHHHHHHHH KKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY