Smorks & Mongers Buttons By Frank Kozik

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Here is a new way to feed your Smorkin’ addiction! The new Smorks and Mongers buttons by Kozik x Kidrobot x Badge Bomb. Keep an eye open for these bad little buttons coming to a vinyl store near you.

6 Responses

  1. rustedhalo

    Frank had these at his booth at SDCC I picked up a couple. Only $1 each so hopefully they won't be more then that at retailers. Good quality stuff, the display box was cool too.

  2. koga

    how much are they gonna be? i hope they aren't gonna try selling little buttons 6 for $10 like tokidoki cause that's a rip off little buttons ill only pay $1 each

  3. bergerbot

    this is ball-awesome sweet! i hope these aren't blind-boxed so you can pick and choose
    i want 3 or 4!