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  1. msfantasticopr

    1. Amazing design!

    2. It is so incredibly rare to find someone to sponsor artist specially in this economy just take a minute to be thankful someone is scouting talent and sponsoring it.

    3.Kidrobot rulez :)

    • fokdissheet

      HAHAHA you are blind boy/girl, sponsoring is one thing but abusing is a whole different tune and thats exactly what they do.
      Because the toys are cool it doesn't mean that the owner-management of the company cant't suck, which they totally do (specially the owner), the toys are cool thanks to the awesome designers and artists. KR is just a middle man they have some capital and they know a couple of factories in China, thats it, blaming the economy its just stupid.

      Scouting talent hahahaha you crack me up!

      Super rad design! Chuck Boy. I would steal one from the KR store in Dallas… but they closed it

      • toknenong

        its a dog eat dog world dude. and without KR most artists wouldnt even be given a chance or be made popular (or more popular) and even aspires new artists.. yes KR is a middle man..artists want to make more money and KR wants more art done. thats how it is. its business!
        and how exactly do you know KR/Paul Abuses artists mr. oh so knowing in the business?

      • patman

        it is a free world. if you and any other artists think that of KR, then don't give them your art. it is that simple. it is not like there aren't any other base figures that you can play around with or make your own

  2. Richie

    You guys should make it an 8'' Dunny ! So – Everybody could get one !!! I'd pay more for that one.

  3. Zro

    Awsome looks good, showing my geek side here but it looks alot like a warhammer 40,000 space marine with a powerfist!

  4. Robbie

    he is just a guy with money and hunger for abusing the talent from all the amazing artists

    This design is amazing!!!!!!!

  5. rustedhalo

    Details are amazing. If this is the way KR is gonna be taking Dunnys, trying to make them more desirable like customs I might just have to buy some.

  6. Mike

    its awesome! but for real the credit goes to chuckboy who made the design not to Paul binitz we dont want to know about him

  7. Kidrobot

    Comments and critiques are always welcome. Unwarranted personal attacks are not. Lets keep the comments clean please :)

  8. Chris

    It's cool that we get to see a sneak of a 1 in 400. Any of the cooler designs are always the hardest Dunny's to get.