Stunning T-shirt Sculptures By Derick Melander

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New York artist, curator and co-founder of TAG Projects, Derick Melander, meticulously folds and strategically stacks thousands of pounds of second hand t-shirts into social conscious sculptures. He is always engaging his audiences and local communities in the process of his sculptural installations. Melander’s latest triumph is a 3,615 pound structure called Into The Fold, which was a highlight of the Green Brooklyn, Green City fair and symposium. From mini projects using toy clothing to installation prints on clothing donation boxes, Derick Melander is not your normal t-shirt artist or sculptor for that matter.


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4 Responses

  1. Tim Cigelske

    FYI Bergerbot – he only uses SECOND HAND shirts, and the sculpture is 3,615 pounds to represent the amount of textile waste created by New Yorkers every 5 minutes. Something to think about.


    I guess the vision of working in a dry cleaning store was just too stagnant. Dress for success!!! – lol.
    All the Best, GARTEL ))

  3. Bergerbot

    stunning is one man's opinion…i find it grotesque…and a waste of clothes that could have gone to the needy..but that's another man's opinion