Superdeux at Kidrobot SF Signing Auto + USBoombox

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Superdeux at Kidrobot San Francisco


Kidrobot San Francisco hosted the release and signing of Superdeux’s Auto + USBoombox on November 4.

French artist Superdeux has spent the past decade hopping the gap between the art & commercial worlds, producing characters and logos for corporate clients while simultaneously developing his own series of vinyl toys. His work has been featured in France, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

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    I really wish I was there it looks real fun!!!

  2. BergerBot

    This is sweet
    On a totally different note…KR should hold some sort of contest in which the winner gets tickets to fly out to London for the opening of the London store (plus some KR merchandise)

    You know its a good idea marketing execs