Tara McPherson Live 4-foot Dunny Painting At The Cosmopolitan

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The talent keeps pouring into our Las Vegas Pop-Up shop with Tara McPherson busting out her brushes for a live 4-foot Dunny painting all weekend in the Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studios. The massive custom masterpiece will get started this Friday, July 1 from 6-10pm and continuing on Saturday, July 2, from 12-3p and 6-9pm. Tara will then lay down the finishing touches on Sunday, July 3 from 12-3pm.

Check out the recent live painting events at the Cosmopolitan featuring Supakitch & Koralie, Alex Pardee, Frank Kozik, Jesse Hernandez and Jon Burgerman. Stay tuned for more live artistic awesomeness going on every weekend through August.