Tasha Zimich’s Custom Foomi for Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders”.

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Artist and customizer Tasha Zimich has outdone herself with a custom MUNNYWORLD Foomi for the Doctors Without Borders fundraiser “Art Without Borders” returning to ArtWhino March 22.

This is one adorable Foomi, and as Tasha describes:
“For the show, I put together a 7” Foomi named “Olive“. Little olive branches for Peace and all :)

My significant other is training to be a paramedic, and his drive and passion to make a difference helping people in need underpinned some of my artistic inspiration. Along with our mutual love for hedgehogs haha. So the subject matter is close to me. She’s got little patches sewn on her- stitching and sewing things together has very medical connotations for me. And while Olive is cuter and lighter- not full of holes or disambiguating, I couldn’t help but want to do something a little weird or off…considering she’s not a stuffed animal, but gets sewn up anyways, haha.”

Some of the other participating artists are: JC Rivera, Task One, Uncle, Jay222, Angry Woebots, and Ardabus Rubber.

For more information on the artists,benefit, and show visit  http://artwhino.com/exhibitions-1/2014-art-without-borders

Saturday, March 22nd, from 8-11pm
DJ Inkognito on the the turntables in the Upstairs performance area
DJ Dee Dub on the the turntables in the lounge area
RSVP Only event.

734 1st St SW Washington, DC 22024

BLIND WHINO:Sw Arts Club is a free membership club.
To attend the reception simply RSVP to RSVP@ArtWhino.com
If you have a friends attending please make sure email us their names and emails.

After the reception the exhibit will on display at
Art Whino Gallery
120 American Way National Harbor, MD  20745

Show end date: April 22nd,  2014