The Lovely Lowbrow Toy Show In Akron, Ohio

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The Lovely Lowbrow Toy Show opened last Saturday to a packed crowd at Square Records Gallery in Akron, OH. This custom show marks the first annual event organized by Vivid Plastic Designer Toy Store. The crowd was a good mix of lowbrow art enthusiasts, toy collectors, and locals from the eclectic Highland Square neighborhood.

Over 30 custom pieces are on display with Akron’s top artists:  Julia Bunn, Jeff Lamm, Jamie Suvak, Joshua Davis, Kate Budd, Charlie Wagers and Jaron Tager. As a special surprise, Vivid Plastic invited graffiti artist Sh!t Heap of San Francisco showing his Cloudy with a Chance of Rad custom. The blend of Akron based tattoo artists, graffiti artists, illustrators, and lowbrow painters made for a visually stunning exhibition.

The show will be on display during the huge art festival Art in the Square on August 28 and runs until August 30.









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  1. ancientstffs03

    cool! all pretty original, except the bear is not so original. looks a lot like a line of these guys already created, forget the artist though.

  2. Hyojiyun

    This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding :) ml Hyojiyun.

  3. NinjarawrSoup

    these r awesome! i just got my first munny and failed epicly :( the last one looks like some kinda scarecrow that was set on fire…

  4. lambylove123

    WHOA!!! The pink and black one with the fruit is so kool! Love em!