The Vinyl Frontier And Beyond

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The long awaited, The Vinyl Frontier has recently debuted in San Francisco at the Frozen Film Festival this last weekend. This documentary film by Daniel Zana, explores the world of vinyl toys and gives some amazing insight in the minds of the artists and the phenomenon of designer art toys. A scheduled screening will take place a the Ace Fest in NYC at the Tribeca Cinemas on August 28. Keep up to date with screening details on as it will be coming soon to a theater near you.

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  1. @debparis

    You can also see this at Comic-Con, the screening is 6pm on July 23rd @ The Marriot Hotel & Marina (Marriot Hall 1&2).

  2. @holasoyricardo

    i guess i'll have to wait for an internet leak.
    i don't think i'll have a chance to see it here in chile =(