Thinkfast! 11/10

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The Kidrobot London store…almost ready for business!

The new Kidrobot London store in Covent Garden’s Seven Dials has its Grand Opening next week. Your question, what Tube line is the Covent Garden stop on?

The first correct answer in the comments section on this page wins a 5 pack of Ye Olde English Dunnys featuring some of the greatest artists from the UK!


Nice work Elias C of London! The correct answer is “Piccadilly line” (spelling counts, sorry Achmad!)

25 Responses

  1. asittingduck

    What’s the queue expected to be for opening?… Any QJUMP passes for sale? ;]

  2. Corky

    Why am I always too late?! Dammit KR I <3 u but 3 minutes too late

  3. Anna Sangha

    The Piccadilly Line which is the dark blue line on the tube map!!

  4. Achmad Sirman

    Defo coming! It’s going to be wicked XD
    I haven’t checked Tate Modern in ages! I’ll do that soon! British Museum has a new manga exhibition by Hoshino Yokinobu called Manga: Professor Munakata’s British Museum adventure.

    Wanna see that too!

  5. Elias Court

    NM man, just got back from the pop life exhibition @ the tate modern.
    Takashi Murakami is amazing.
    But yeah, you going to the opening next week?

  6. Achmad Sirman

    Elias, sup dude! I think we should split the prize lol!

    droppixel: Heyyyyy it’s our turn lol!

  7. Elias Court

    DUDE! Sup mang.
    Also, I spelt it right, I should totally win XMFD