Throwback Thursday: The Odd Ones Throwback Post

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    Hey everyone! Here we are with another blog by our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.
Normal is boring and while not everyone can be as unique as The Odd Ones, we should celebrate those little things that make us special.  Whether it’s a gap in your teeth or a gray patch in your beard, those little quirks make you who you are and you can always be thankful that no matter what you never have to deal with having tentacles growing out of your face.  Like for real, how do you go on job interviews or even a date with an issue like that.  “Hey, my name is Curtis and I like sleeping at the bottom of the ocean and waiting for the time when I can rise and destroy mankind.  I also like reality television and gardening.”  You won’t even get through a round of appetizers before your date pretends to go to the bathroom, gets in their car, and floors it.
    Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson got together to create an entire Dunny series based on being just a bit different.  Ok, some of them are downright not from this planet different but that’s cool because that’s what makes life interesting.  Not that I would trust that barber looking dude to cut my hair, or turn my back on a cockroach with his own special brand of poison, but more power to them for finding their niche out there.
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