Time Lapse Painting Of Tara McPherson’s Safety Of Water

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Watch in wonder as Tara McPherson documents the creation of Safety Of Water with this awesome time lapse video. Created with oils on linen, then stretched over birch board. This beautiful painting is Tara’s largest to date (60 x 48-inches) and was displayed in her most recent solo exhibition, The Bunny In The Moon at the Jonathan Levine Gallery last October.

Don’t forget, Tara McPherson’s new Sanrio collaboration, Magic Love Hello Kitty releases this Thursday, December 2 alongside Frank Kozik’s Empress Of The Underworld Hello Kitty.

7 Responses

  1. Genni B

    Dear Tara McPherson, I <3 you and your paintings are stunning! I wish I owned more of them!

  2. David Edwards

    Amazing!… Hoping to meet Tara next year in KR London!…


  3. incastienen

    insane. I love it! but just the amouth of work. Wow what a dedication. Respect.