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You want a tangle curly?

Introducing Tuesday’s new contest, the TOY TWISTER MIXER UPPER! Enter to win a full set of the Carnies mini series by Brandt Peters. Be the first one to email the titles of toys and names of the artists in this creative puzzle. Email with the correct answers to win.

Good luck!

Congratulations, to Maxime B. for the quick thinking! See ya next week.

9 Responses

  1. droppixel

    Damn I know all of those, but really doubt I would be the first to get this…

  2. rawkkiddo

    Why does kidrobot hate teachers? Every time I head out to bus duty, cool contest posted on the kronikle. Damn you kidrobot (shakes finger at screen) Oh, and congrats munchkin!

  3. 9years

    I could never win any of these contests cause im always at school when they happpen.

  4. munchkins021

    Yesssss!!!!! I won!!!!!!!! Never thought I would win one of those contests since I'm always at work when they happen!!! :)