Tribal Custom Dunnys

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Peekaboo Custom Dunnys

Peekaboo assembled a tribe of custom Dunnys, available blind boxed for $85. Check them out.

Or find some other Dunny incarnations at

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Peekaboo has revealed pics of all twenty custom 3” Dunnys  from his Custom Dunny Blind Box Round 2 offering.  Each custom features an accessory (feathers, bones, staff, as well as others).   There are a couple of Knuckle Bear Dunnys in the mix as well.  The custom Blind Boxes are available now for $85 including domestic shipping (international is an add’l $8).

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  1. Chino M.

    I like peekaboo, but these are very over priced, and they don't really make sense as far as a series goes. There are no ratios so you can't really call one a common and call another a chase, especially since each one is different. I'm not bashing on him, he's a great artist, but these look as though he just needed a few bucks in his pocket and got them done in a couple of weeks just to get them on sale as quick as possible. Aren't there some people who have commissioned him who have waited months, to even well over a year to get their commissions? Yet he has the time to quickly work out 20 customs and charge a pretty crazy amount for them. My two cents.

  2. doughboy

    i went in peeks place and saw those in person…. if i were u id buy the there dope