Kidrobot Asks: If You Could Trick or Treat with Anyone, Who?

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If you could trick or treat with any 2 people from history or present, dead or alive, who would they be?

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23 Responses

  1. Rainer

    Joe Ledbetter,Frank Kozik,Huck Gee,Amanda Visell,Obama,FRED,George Washington,Aberham Lincion,Mario & Luigi

  2. Karey Maurice aka KaMo

    Elvira,Alica Keys,Tira Banks,Dolly Parton

  3. Phil TH

    Ivor Cutler and George Harrison it would be funny as!

    Unreal peep would be Godzilla Ghost Rider pure spectacle!!

  4. theWEST

    Bill fuggin Murray and Dan Aykroyd in full Ghostbusters ensemble, cause bustin makes me feel good.

  5. KUL

    Paul Bunditz and Frank Kozik I’ll trick or treat them for cool KIDROBOT figures and stickers

  6. Schwadling

    Danny and Larry Gomez AKA the mexican wolf boys…its prolly the one night outta the year they can walk around and not get stared at.

  7. BergerBot

    pornstars…cuz you know id have an awesome time even if i didnt get any candy

  8. 1v1artin

    probably Edgar allen poe and Bram stoker. keeping it real OG.

  9. RyanH

    Quentin Tarantino annnnnddddd…
    George A Romero!!

    We all would be zombies. (duh)