Urban Vinyl Showcase At Museum of Childhood

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The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in London has a special showcase paying homage to some of art toy’s finest. The huge glass center display of Urban Vinyl Toys features TADO’s custom 4-foot Dunny along side tons of designs by Michael Lau, Mutt Pop and James Jarvis.





Special thanks to Munky, our manager of Kidrobot London for getting me these great pics. Cheers!

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  1. Jimmy Baldwin

    Just a quick shout to say the Urban Vinyl collection at the Museum of Childhood, excluding TADO's Dunny is made up entirely of my own collection… avid follower of Michael Lau, James Jarvis amongst a few, for longer than I can remember… My own humble figure is featured too… Vandals King – Gunderic 428AD, once sold by Kidrobot NYC a few years back!

    The display was the idea of my lady, Fe who works at the Museum of Childhood, who organised the whole thing. Fe organised the Dunny with Munky and it's certainly the centrepiece of the display. Unfortunately the photos were only taken on my iphone… better ones to follow.

    Thank you to Fe, Munky and everyone at the Museum of Childhood… Its great to see some of my collection out for all to enjoy.

    Jimmy B – http://www.colouring-in.co.uk

  2. Vinyl Toys

    Kidrobot has really created a fantastic amazing toy lines..

    • the dooderino

      Kidrobot barely made any of those on display. Most are Amos Toys and Michael Lau. But you are right, Kidrobot does make awesome toys!

  3. Vinyl Toys Central

    Kidrobot has indeed created an amazing, fantastic toy lines..everyone just love it..