Vitruvian Man Custom Dunny By THEMODELMAKER

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As the runner-up for Best Movie Event Reenactment MUNNYMUNTH 2010, THEMODELMAKER knows a thing or two about customizing. The Ireland based, Polish architect and sculptor keeps it creatively simple with his latest reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on a 3-inch Dunny. You got to love the brilliant use of Dunny ears as outreached arms. Enjoy more of THEMODELMAKER’s celebrity inspired customs on his website.


“My dunny version of Vitruvian Man originally sketched by Leonardo da Vinci showing ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius. Many artists used this iconic image and put all different robots or animals inside the circle, but I didn’t see dunny yet, so here it is pasted on the original poster.”