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  1. Brandon Woelfel

    I love the shape of texas……. and the people and the food

  2. Christine Walker

    I love the heat & I love an ice cold Shiner. Texas makes good beer and good food.

    I can’t wait to visit the store at Mockingbird Station!

  3. pelicanflip

    looks great! fresh spin on the traditional kr store, i love the carpet.

  4. katie

    i love texas because it affords young people to live a great comfortable fun life..
    you can take a 10 hour road trip to marfa or camp on a disgusting beach!
    the shopping is great, the food is great, the music and the culture are great, the people are nice(even the hip ones) and texas has everything.

    also: chuck norris. sayin.

  5. oz10

    The thing I love the most about Texas isn’t the longhorns or the 10 gallon hats, but rather the people. Texans are some of the best people I’ve ever met. We always happy and we love to cook. What more do you need than happiness and food?

  6. alex

    I like Austin, Fort Worth, and pockets of Dallas…otherwise, Texas is a barren land with no cattle and tiny surrounding towns. The steak is great…BBQ top notch… hamburgers are always great…tex mex is yummy. Much of the Texas authenticity is in Austin: keep it weird! :)

  7. Chuckbigtooth

    I love James Jardine! (ur store manager)

  8. BergerBot

    I was in Texas for the first time this past January. I was in Dallas visiting two friends. My favorite part of Texas is the BBQ, Steaks, and Chicken-Friend Steaks. Oh and I came back to NYC with a dope cowboy hat that I bought at the stockyards in Fort Worth. Keep an eye-out for the dude rocking a cowboy hat on the R-Line…cuz its probably me.

  9. mr.n.visible

    I love the variety in everything, between the music, the artists and how different cultures collide. I think Texas has one of the best social scenes in the states.

  10. llerrem

    Hey, Austin is in the middle of Texas, not Dallas. We wish you’d come here, too!

  11. Rinserepeat

    I love that it isn’t a bazillion degrees out today…

    I hate that I can’t make it to the signing tonight (but glad to see from Huck Gee’s Twitter that the turnout is great)!

  12. krakit

    My aunt and uncle live there :D
    Texas doesn’t have a state income tax
    Texas is not scared of the 2nd ammendment *looks at NY*
    now kidrobot is one of the BIG things in the BIG state.

  13. Kid.Robot

    I heart that everything is slower here, everyone is not so rushed. And I heart Houston, which is why I think you should put a KR store here ;)
    that way when people ask me what kidrobot is like always, I’ll just tell them go to the store. Oh and I won’t be driving 4 hours for the grand opening in Dallas. :)

  14. The Blot

    What’ isn’t there to love about Texas!?!

    If only KR and the Baroness would bring Huck to Houston on Friday.

  15. Prime One

    Austin is friggen great!!! just moved here from Boston where i was born and raised. if you have never been here, then you wouldn’t understand.

  16. Becky

    I love that I was born and raised there, and how the people are so nice and the air is so fresh.

  17. Reckless Toys

    We love toys! We are located in Houston, TX!

  18. sb1027

    grew up here, and just moved back… good to see KR givin us some love (though I think it should have been in austin)

  19. Delighted

    I love Texas because it is so far away from me!!

  20. nt17

    About how many people are in line at the Dallas store for tonite’s party…?…wanna make usre I secure a spot as one of the first 200

  21. nimsu

    Duane.. outside of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio that is still kind of true :)

  22. Duane

    I love the fact that everyone outside of Texas thinks we’re a bunch of redneck hicks riding horses and herding cattle while wearing cowboy boots and ten gallon hats. LOL

  23. Laurel

    I love that you can carry a gun…and a tazzer!