What’s Your Favorite Toy???

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My favorite toy…

Apetoven by SSUR

Why: Because hot pink is my favorite color right now. And I love Planet of the Apes. And I love Beethoven. And it is perfect and obsessively beautiful.   Enough said!

What’s your favorite toy???

78 Responses

  1. ericericeric

    Any Color of Huck’s HMNI series
    especially the 20inch ones I saw on Ebay a few years ago
    LUNARTIKS — Tea Cup Set is something I have been waiting on for years.
    I wanted him to make me one but i just couldn’t afford an original
    He does a lot of work on those little guys.
    fingers crossed

  2. balimme

    My 4 jason sui N-3B camo speakers. Liked them so much that I bought an extra pair in pink camo for the bedroom… My favorite little guys!!!

  3. kibble223

    Akashi by David Bondi because it’s a mix of Super Mario and Mickey Mouse without the copyright infringement! What can get more ideal than that!?

  4. Carlene

    Absulutely my Mr.Potato Head from my 10th birthday….waaaaay back in the day! Still have it!

  5. Deborah

    I looove the Yo Gabba Gabba line and Pee Cool. I recently purchased a Peecool Aviator bag and I stuff my laptop into it so I can carry it to work everyday!

  6. thebodhisathva

    it’s the balin fontana dunny from the la series. Its my lucky charm

  7. Kevin Jeffery

    I love my 20″ redrum Kozik dunny, Kozik is definitly the man.

  8. pandabandit12

    My favorite production toy is the French GT! It’s just so beautiful and i can stare at it for days =] But my all time favorite is my doodled munny from Carlos of the beast brothers. It was my first year at SDCC and meeting him and baroness was the highlight of my trip!…memories =]

  9. jonpaulkaiser

    James Jarvis’s Stussy x Nike x AMOS Leon figure. Just perfect!

  10. Kozikcollector6

    My favorite toy has to be my custom beast brothers munny I got this h
    Year at sdcc. Carlos east is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I will be buying a commission munny from him very soon

  11. sophiap

    without a doubt the MCA evil ape 8″ baseball qee… I love that thing!

  12. degoya

    Doze Green’s Ganesh (blue version) oooohhh yeeeaaaahh!

  13. Kevbayer

    I dont know if it is a toy really….but my gold Kozik bust, Kaws Dissected, & Benny & Red Bird by Kathie O.

  14. Brandon Woelfel

    I love My Little Cthulhu
    by John Kovalic

  15. 1V1ARTIN


  16. Aaron broadbent

    Definitely the pink king Ken made for clutteragazine by James Jarvis.

  17. Mycle

    Toss up between the the zero celcius figures from sdcc and my little army of lucky cats.

  18. Samantha

    My Doze Green Ganesh (pink) & 1000% Sex Pistols Be@rbrick (union jack version). :)

  19. Matt Poczynek

    right now, it’s probably my SDCC Wood Labbit

  20. The Yellow Kid

    Hum… Toss up between my 1000% Roen and my 1000% Kaws Dissected, love them both for some different reasons
    But also love the Designers Chairs series with the 100% on it :)

  21. cuberobot

    My GID jamungo BUD blank (only 250 made)

    A 12″ deluxe talking Stewie Griffin with his fur ruppert

    The gorrilaz CMKY set!

  22. Achmad Sirman

    Transformers! While my childhood toys are mostly broken and missing, I’m glad they’re re-issuing the classic figures~ Grimlock ftw!

  23. BergerBot

    gamma mautants space friends by Tara McPherson!

  24. Clarke

    To many!!
    Have to pick one…8″ Cycle Dunny.
    Wow that was hard!
    Close 2nd~ 10″Smorkin’ Labbit Colette.
    Thank’s Paul, Don’t stop!

  25. krash

    It would have to be anything Joe Ledbetter….But My FAVE is the MONO Smash, and LAVA Unicornasaurus!

  26. TamTam

    My signed 8″ Don’Yoku Huck Gee dunny. I never knew what Kidrobot was and then my friend got it for me and since then I’ve been hooked. It was my first and still my favorite.

  27. Afro Deesiac

    my favorite are the RUN DMC figures from Mezco. they were special when they first came out, and they still got mojo to this day!

  28. Gabbi

    Basically everything by Itokin Park! If I had to choose, it would have to be his resin filled Mikazukins!

  29. BiscuitWheels

    Andrew Bell’s The Groob! The I.W.G. Yeti is pretty high on that list as well.

  30. Rich

    Tossup between Kozik’s Labbit, of which I have many, or Alex Pardee’s Bunny with Tentacles.. I have many Labbits and a giant and normal sized Bunny With Tentacles :)

  31. Jana

    I think my favorite in the whole intire world is Kathie Olivas’ 8″ Hazel <3

  32. Al

    The 8″ Ninja Autographed Dunny that my friend gave me. So sweet of her. I’ll NEVER sell it.

  33. mollybot

    Dunny series 3 – the entire set. Every one of them awesome and it was my first release party.

  34. Alannah

    I absolutely love Icebots. I don’t know how many I have (and I have several doubles) but I bought a lot–maybe 15? Unfortunately I was on the fence about buying the two larger ones and missed out on those!

  35. civ67

    Pink Smorkin Hate by Kozik, he’s mean, and secure in his manhood


    USUGROW- Rebel Ink

    Luke Chueh- Possessed

    that is all :D

  37. caeious

    well Star Wars toys from the 80s is top on my list. Then GI Joe. But seriously, LEGO is where its at. That was a toy that you could make other toys out of. also liked some of the DC and Marvel action figures from the 80s. I liked Marvel characters better but they were made out of a softer plastic. The DC ones out of a harder plastic so I guess im even between those. Oh! Transformers and the king of all transformers was the cassettes that transformed into animals. I loved the Robotech Veritech toy too! I would also classify videogames as toys. They are probably the ultimate.

  38. chronic

    damn tough one……my coarsetoys army, or my huck gee collection

  39. Jess Gerdel

    gotta be my Tado white love dunny I got from the Toy Baroness at the SDCC!

  40. hellospaceboy

    hmm this is a hard one, It would probably be the first figure I ever bought from KRNY back in 2003 a Baby Qee. After that I was hooked and couldn’t stop going into KR.

  41. $

    toss up between my darth vader kaws & my Sam Flores Fatima :)

  42. Ferdinand

    I really love the style of the new MISHKA Bootleg In any color. just wish they made enough to go around.

  43. molaro

    The Jamie Hewlett x Kidrobot Gorillaz CMYK band set. While not my first ever vinyl purchase, these are the ones that peeked my interest first, and the look awesome on my desk. Everybody that seems them loves them and so do I!

  44. Sarah Sunshine

    Smorkin’ Labbits. I just can’t get enough of them.