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  1. Pence.84

    The ghost of christmas past keeps haunting me for that one time when I was 6 and I accidentally (possessed by the ghost of christmas present) opened up all my gifts under the tree (a GI JOE jet, those little beast warriors with the hologram centers, a sweater here and pair of sox there and maybe a captain planet action figure) on christmas eve night while not even the ghost of a mouse was stirring.
    Needless to say on that night the ghost of christmas present became my ghost of christmas past and presently haunts me on a nightly basis while whistling the Captain planet theme… ‘captain planet he’s our hero, gonna’ take pollution down to zee’ro’

  2. BergerBot

    Billy Mays

    “Billy Mays here for Oxi-Clean Heavenly White! Clean off your soul of all its sins to make it clean so you can fool God into letting you into heaven. Trust me, because if it wasn’t for Oxi-Clean Heavenly White, I wouldn’t have made it in.”

  3. Gabe

    I would like to put in my request to have the Dalai Lama come and haunt me after he’s gone(he’s still among the living!). He would seem like a cool ghost to have hanging around just smiling all the time and giving me advice when I needed it.

  4. RaZcal

    Huey newton, Che, Malcolm X, Biggie,Tupac If he really passed away,and Some many more like i would soooooo ghost with these homies

  5. SoleFood Via amazon.com

    If I were haunted by a ghost, it would be the ghost of my 1988 Jordan true blue IIIs. Wait, they’ve been haunting me for years!

  6. lovesick

    past lovers unable to move on because they think the one who broke their heart can make them whole again…

  7. derek

    My current or possibly x gf. this entire situation is like a haunted house.

  8. Desu

    Honda Tadakatsu, William S. Burroughs (“an old junky ghost once told me…”), and the O.D.B.

  9. irwin v

    Martin Luther King and Albert Einstein! it would be dope to meet them.

  10. death tone

    David Carradine and his Hitori Hanzo!…damn suicidal samurai’s never die!

  11. degoya

    Vincent Van Gogh. I swear he’s in the fumes whenever I paint…

  12. Davys

    albert einstein and tell him stories of today’s technology and ask him about his law of relativity :]