Wood Dunny Chiseler

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e1251918364Brooklyn designer, David Weeks, has given Dunny a wooden revamp, christened the “Chiseler.”  Modeled after Weeks’ poseable timber toys Hanno the Gorilla and Ursa the Bear, the ultra-exclusive Chiseler (only five were fashioned) is hand-hewn and sanded from zebra-striped hard pine, creating sculpted facets out of Dunny’s familiar roundness.

Despite the swivel head and arms, each distinct Chiseler is less a plaything than an individualized artwork, right down to its custom-crafted wooden crate displaying the action figure’s laser-etched image.

Each sculptural Chiseler subtly differs from its sibling, resulting in a real Dunny rarity: a one-of-a-kind creation made just for you.

Available Tuesday, September 22 at Kidrobot NY and kidrobot.com.


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  3. didadi808

    What’s the scale? Must be 8″ if really $1200. Will make nice addition to hardcore collector collection.

  4. jim koch

    $1,200.00 -WOW! Very cool – Mad respect to the carver…. Kinda steeeep-But I can have the guy down the street who carves out barn yard animals with a chain saw, from tree trunks do this for
    $40.00 bones… Good luck on these.