World’s Largest Teddy Trooper Towers Over Berlin

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The massive urban art project, TURMKUNST has ended and left Berlin basking in the glory of the world’s largest Teddy Trooper. After six weeks and 2,000 liters of paint, the artists, HONET, SOZYONE, Craig KR Costello aka KRINK and Flying Fortress transformed the infamous Bierpensil Tower into a 160-foot (50-meter) tall work of art. Inside the walls of the massive mural is open air gallery space with plans of  rotating art in the near future. There is also a book documenting the whole project called TURMKUNST: XXL Street Art.







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  1. Julia

    How fun! I came here to find inspiration for decorating my new Munny and found pictures of my neighborhood. I live basically next door to the tower. Can see it from my bedroom window. The subway station right by/beneath the tower has also been painted. I think it's part of the project as well. If you have pictures, you should definitely show them here. It's very beautiful.

  2. verfallfan

    schade, dass sie den turm vollschmieren. damit ist ein stueck 60er jahre kultur zerstoert worden. zugegeben, besser als abriss.

  3. ecowboy

    It's beautiful, but it seems like it could have been more economical as well as environmental to not do the whole thing with rattle cans. I'm only assuming, but the two last pics suggest that's their media..