Scott Tolleson

So you want to know more about the argyle loving artist Scott Tolleson huh? To put it simply, Scott is a toy junkie. He’s obsessed with collecting, designing, and creating toys. He draws inspiration from many areas, including pop culture, comic books, his family, and toys from his childhood. Scott prefers to elicit a sense [...]


Kidrobot and Ron English are excited to announce the official release of Apocalypse Grin 8″ Dunny. Ron English Apocalypse Grin is based off the previously released 3″ version of the Dunny. The 3″ Dunny was originally produced as a part of the 2012 Apocalypse Dunny Series. Kidrobot is pleased to bring the Apocalypse Grin Dunny into [...]

Oh Banksy and your dystopian commentary.

You can call it art, a stunt, propaganda, or dystopian commentary but one thing for sure is that Banksy has the entire world buzzing over “Dismaland“. Now if you have ever gone on a family vacation to an amusement park, you know the stress and chaos that comes with all the “fun”, but Banksy has [...]

Amanda Visell

There is simply something magical about Amanda Visell and all her work. Maybe it is that Disney relationship, but we think it is all her. Many of us know this amazingly talented woman from here numerous Kidrobot creations like: Jackalope plush, Tic Toc Apocalypse mini series, Log stool, and some of the most sought after Dunnys [...]

The Story of Pinocchio

So you think you know the story of Pinocchio huh? Did you know he kills the “Talking Cricket” we all know as Jiminy with a hammer? Well, with the release of WuzOne’s “No Strings On Me” Dunny tomorrow, we thought we would drop a short and sweet bit of that classic ragamuffin marionette’s history. He [...]

Frank Kozik the King of Smorkin’

You know him. You love him! He is Kidrobot’s new creative director, but do you REALLY know Frank Kozik? How about you get a CliffsNotes schooling on the legend that is Frank Kozik. His father was an American serviceman and his mother a young Spanish woman. He spent his childhood in Spain. This experience of [...]

A look at Mark Dean Veca

If you haven’t noticed in the past, we love Altadena, CA based artist Mark Dean Veca with his visually stunning style of infusing graffiti, llustration, and design within a pop culture bubble. The question is, do you know much about Mark Dean Veca? As Meg Linton describes Mark’s work: Mark Dean Veca is a purveyor of [...]

Shepard Fairey goes BIG in Detroit

Shepard Fairey is going big in Detroit, and we mean really big! This new and biggest mural yet measuring 180′ x 60′ feet, it is a permanent landmark for getting ready for his new show “Printed Matters”.Opening this tonight Friday, May 22 at the Library Street Collective, the show will feature a slew of Shep’s [...]

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