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Kidrobot and Clutter Magazine are excited to announce the Second Annual DTA Dunny Show. The DTA Dunny show is a group custom show of 20” and 8” Dunnys by a variety of skilled artists. Sales from the show benefit the Designer Toy Awards, helping to finance the awards ceremony. “The DTA Dunny Show has quickly become [...]

Ron English was all over SDCC

Instead of asking “Where is Ron English at during SDCC”, you should be asking “Where isn’t Ron English at during SDCC”! Seriously, this man was all over the place from book signings, exhibitions, and even an afterparty! Let me see if I can possibly cover all that Ron did during this biggest pop culture convention [...]

eBay gives nod to vinyl!

Well, this is something new! We had no idea that eBay did interviews like this, and to give a shout out to our little corner of the world is awesome! The world of eBay is a touchy subject with many all the way back to the early years of it’s inception and on our own [...]

A Master of Origami

Origami is one thing I always think I can do and then toss the paper into the trashcan like a basketball after I give up. Dinh Truong Giang is the opposite of that and a true master Origami artist. Born in Hue, Vietnam and moved stateside to study architecture. Dinh Truong Giang uses a technique called [...]

Best Fiends x Kidrobot

SERIOUSLY TEAMS UP WITH KIDROBOT TO CREATE BEST FIENDS COLLECTIBLE PRODUCTS First Slate of Vinyl Figures to Unveil at San Diego Comic-Con   SANTA MONICA, Calif. and BOULDER, Colorado– April 22, 2015 – Seriously, a mobile entertainment start-up, today announced it has partnered with Kidrobot, the premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toys, to [...]

ROA Reveals the Hidden Anatomy of Animals

ROA just owned his show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery! This time, the Belgian artist known as ROA takes the black and white animals we have grown accustomed to from the streets and translates them on to  furniture that can be opened  to reveal the animal’s anatomical detail making a creative and interactive art piece. We have [...]

Kidrobot the Movie

It has been hard keeping this hush for some time, but the word is out that MGM has acquired the film rights to Kidrobot! Now since this is in the way early beginning stages, the exact plot and what characters we can anticipate in the film are still anyone’s speculation, but we have a few ideas [...]

The amazing Cubist Cardboard Civil War Puppets of Wayne white

This past month, the “Art on Paper” art fair, in New York City got a special treat from the infamous Wayne White with his “Cubist Cardboard Civil War Puppets”. Most of us know this Emmy winning Chattanooga , TN native from his amazing work at creating the puppets and backdrop of Peewee’s playhouse and the [...]

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