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Kidrobot the Movie

It has been hard keeping this hush for some time, but the word is out that MGM has acquired the film rights to Kidrobot! Now since this is in the way early beginning stages, the exact plot and what characters we can anticipate in the film are still anyone’s speculation, but we have a few ideas [...]

The amazing Cubist Cardboard Civil War Puppets of Wayne white

This past month, the “Art on Paper” art fair, in New York City got a special treat from the infamous Wayne White with his “Cubist Cardboard Civil War Puppets”. Most of us know this Emmy winning Chattanooga , TN native from his amazing work at creating the puppets and backdrop of Peewee’s playhouse and the [...]

Capturing cosplay with Antti Karppinen

Antti Karppinen has a skill at capturing those that love to cosplay. Diehard fans spend countless hours and dollars perfecting their attire to show of their love and fandom, and this is where photographer Antti comes in to document this hard work. SDCC is right around the corner and we are all buzzing over getting [...]

Richard Stainthorp’s Wire Work

We have a treat for you this Monday! The United Kingdom’s own Richard Stainthorp is putting his degree in fine art to exquisite work with his amazing wire sculptures. Richard has been creating his highly skilled and detailed work since 1996, and we can admit, he has mastered every bit of it! These perfect forms are [...]

Catching up with The Toy Chronicle!

We thought it would be fun to interview those that cover us all the time. We want to learn more about the other essential parts of our amazing scene, the blogs! These hardworking bloggers spend countless hours finding info, editing images, and getting news out there ad nauseam, and we thought it would be good [...]

Movie Posters as Vector Art

Orlando Arocena has taken classic movie posters and spun them into amazing vector art. Using a fun angular spin on many popular films, this fresh style brings a different life into some of the same ol same ol posters. You can see more here. About Orlando: “I’m a Mexican-Cuban-American who enjoys delivering creative solutions for [...]

Loot Crate MUNNY contest!

Get your creative hats on because we here at Kidrobot are proud to be part of the Loot Crate MUNNY Contest! Time to get creative! The rules are simple: 1. Create something unique with the Mini Munny from February’s crate! It comes with dry erase markers, but you can use whatever you like to create [...]

Custom Showcase: Sean Viloria

That time again to give a long standing ovation where credit is due to a customizer on top of their game! This time, all the kudos go to the amazing work of Sean Viloria. Sean takes the blank MUNNY and elevates it to new heights with sculpting details on to the platform and applying gritty [...]

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