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Product Preview: Relatively Hip Bearded Happy Labbit in 14inch and 7inch!

Product Preview: Happy Labbit!

  Bearded is better. And giant beards are the best. Labbit goes lumberjack with a fuzzy finish to his handlebar.

Bearded is better. Bearded Bad-ass. Stubble time is over.

Lore of the Labbit: Kozik Signing at Kidrobot SF

To kick off the first release of the year, Kidrobot San Francisco welcomes you to the signing of the Lore of the Labbit mini series and Blister Packs. This is your chance to meet Frank Kozik himself and get your new toys signed! Come by Friday January 31st, the fun starts at 6pm.


Get ready to come in from your smorkin break because we have 4 Smorkin Labbit Blister Packs ready to leave droppings around your home this January!

No smorkin!

PRODUCT PREVIEW: Lore of the Labbit

“Smorkin’ Labbit is a smoking, unshaven rabbit character created by pop artist Frank Kozik. Originally featured in Kozik’s ninties rock poster art, Labbit and his signature butthole were adopted by Kidrobot in 2003.” Mulder and Scully knew the truth was out there, and now you can uncover the truth with the Lore of the Labbit. [...]

Kozik Devolved…

Kozik Devolved.

Custom Smorkin’ Labbit & Frank Kozik Mini Busts By JC Rivera

Custom Smorkin' Labbit & Frank Kozik Mini Busts By JC Rivera

Chicago artist JC Rivera salutes the king of smorkin’ Frank Kozik with some custom sculpted Goon Squad mini busts for the upcoming Kozik show at 1:AM Gallery in SF.

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Product Preview – Smorkin’ Labbit Mini Series

Product Preview - Smorkin' Labbit Mini Series

Gan you dig it? Kozik x Kidrobot present Mini Smorkin’ Labbit Mini Series, now with fried chicken!

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Wrap Up – Goon Squad Meet & Greet With Chairman Kozik At KRNY

Wrap Up - Goon Squad Meet & Greet With Chairman Kozik At KRNY

A colorful bunch of Goon Squad supporters mobbed Kidrobot New York last night as Campaign Chairman Frank Kozik autographed the new pocket size dictator busts.

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