Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon comes to life in Labbit form!

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As second-in-command of the anti-hero clique Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon is the team’s marksman, tactician and proud owner of a bushy tail. A genetically engineered anthropomorphic raccoon, Rocket’s DNA has been spliced into Labbit for a truly trans-galactic toy … Continued

Guardians of the Galaxy is in Theaters Today!

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As second-in-command of the anti-hero clique Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket is the team’s marksman, tactician and, oh yeah, a genetically-engineered raccoon. Full of ringtailed rage from a steady diet of garbage and voiced by Bradley Cooper, this bandit naturally … Continued

Kidrobot SDCC Product Releases and Partnerships

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Kidrobot is teaming up with a variety of partners to bring you new and exciting product at San Diego Comic Con. Take a peek below at some of our partnerships through out the Comic Con experience! Get your TMNT CON … Continued

Adopt-a-Labbit: Less Staring, More Adopting

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Adopt your perfectly sized Labbit today! Pick up your new decently trained house Labbit today and share pics of you and your new pet with the world #adoptalabbit New arrivals just in! Beautifully bearded and semi-house trained fluffy beasts available … Continued

Product Preview: Relatively Hip Happy Labbit Plush Mini Series!

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Ironic facial hair, check. Ten new totally Labbit and relatively hip designs featuring circus inspired ‘stache’s, capes, beards, monocles, and other odd but not quite obscure accessories.

Product Preview: Relatively Hip Bearded Happy Labbit in 14inch and 7inch!

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  Bearded is better. And giant beards are the best. Labbit goes lumberjack with a fuzzy finish to his handlebar.

Lore of the Labbit: Kozik Signing at Kidrobot SF

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To kick off the first release of the year, Kidrobot San Francisco welcomes you to the signing of the Lore of the Labbit mini series and Blister Packs. This is your chance to meet Frank Kozik himself and get your … Continued


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Get ready to come in from your smorkin break because we have 4 Smorkin Labbit Blister Packs ready to leave droppings around your home this January!

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