MUNNY Monday: Tis the Season

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Ok, we are all rested now after Designer Con and the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. Now time for MUNNY Monday! This week’s trio of tinsel delights is 2/3 focused on the popular MUNNY Ornaments and what creativity can come … Continued

MUNNY MONDAY: Exhausted Edition

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Not yet back from DCON but still will get a MUNNY MONDAY out to you fine folks! We may be exhausted and needing copious amounts of sleep, but we got ya for this Monday! Now to show off some kickbutt … Continued

Micro MUNNY Ornament 5-pack AVAILABLE NOW

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Create your own Christmas! Who says the days of gathering around old Tannenbaum to decorate are bygone? With enough metallic MUNNYs pre-hung on golden thread for a family of five, the Micro MUNNY Ornament 5-pack lets you customize your Christmas. … Continued

MUNNY Monday: DCON edition!

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Everyone is burning the midnight oil and scrambling before the beloved Designer Con starts this Saturday in Pasadena, CA, so we thought it would be fun to do a DCON edition of MUNNY Monday This week, we will showcase some MUNNY … Continued

Munny Monday Funday!

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Time to jump into a Munny Monday like I was jumping in all those rain puddles earlier today!  We found some Munny and Munny World custom contenders that definitely get a TKO in our book. These bright and lavish customs are … Continued

Kozik Grumpy Elf and MUNNY Ornaments Now Available!

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Kozik Grumpy Elf and MUNNY ornaments now available!  Collective Bargaining at the North Pole? Grumpy Elf had his pension cut, his hours increased and workplace safety? Humbug! This lil’ toymaker is going ON STRIKE!! Casting light on the plight of … Continued

Munny Monday!!!!

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MUNNY MONDAY is upon us! Time to show off a good dose of custom MUNNY and MUNNY World creations by you the fans! Above we have the dynamic husband and wife duo of Scribe and Alisa Ross with one amazing … Continued

It’s Christmas at Kidrobot

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It’s Christmas at Kidrobot Grumpy Elf is on strike! Grumpy Elf had his pension cut and his hours increased! Humbug! This little toymaker is going on strike! Frank Kozik celebrates the unsung heroes of Christmas with Grumpy Elf! Grumpy Elf … Continued

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