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  1. blackraptor

    i was mildly amused, until i recognized the last two. great job

  2. Deishali DeWitt

    OMG Ski Free!!!! That friggin' monster made me SO mad! I remember playing that when I was 7 years old ='D good times…but man that monster almost had me punch the monitor in LOL! I wish there was a way to find that game and play it again =)

  3. ALEX

    i love the snow monster reference, i still have the game…

  4. Justin

    The duck hunt reference brings back sooo many memories.

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  7. sohojoe

    New York-based artist/musician Nullsleep did pretty much the exact same concept in 2004:

    For some reason the sidebar on his page isn't working on my computer, but they're all great pictures. And they feel a bit less cute and gimmicky than these ones – better aesthetically integrated into the photos and less about kitschy references. More about scenes from real life seen through an 8-bit lens.

  8. sunny

    The last one seems pretty well done, I'd like to see them in full res though

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  11. Michele

    Great post…I would go back in time just to play some cool old gameboy game…
    maybe this could be a good placebo .

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  13. E.

    Pretty cool, but as others have pointed out, E. Honda (first pic), Ecco the Dolphin (sixth pic) and Bowser from Mario Kart (seventh pic) are from 16-bit games.

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  15. Alan

    Street Fighter was 16-bit, as seen by the seamless blend into reality. Truly the best of these ;)

    • Josh LaFayette

      Mario Kart is also 16-bit. I have to say that Bowser on the Beach makes me feel the happiest out of all of these. Well done, Kidrobot!

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