Little Kid, Big Collection

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Let me introduce you to 3-year old Kidrobot fan, Alex Rodriguez. Not to be mistaken for the pro baseball player, Alex is the daughter of Sal and Carol. She lives in Detroit and frequents trading parties at LIFT Toy Store & Gallery. This little art and toy collector loves Kidrobot, Dunnys, Space Monkeys, Dalek, Be@rBricks and Qees. She may not have the biggest collection, but she is off to a wonderful start. Alex recently received an excellent progress report and will be adding some new Dunnys to her budding collection. You rule Alex!








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  1. NeeonFox

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!……funny article, but at least Alex will be sole heir to any goods that isn't hers…. ^_^

  2. PJF

    Golly. Those people have spent more on that kid's collection than I have spent on food in the last 3 years. Way to show your priorities, America.

    • Mr. Picklebasket

      Why are you on this site then, that collection is small compared to others……dont be mad cuz you still collect Power of the force figures….Kidrobot sells designer toys, if you cant afford them then this game aint for you.

  3. Laszlo

    I got home from work a few days ago and my 4 yo boy was playing with my azteca s2 beast brothers chase & regular version( luckily no damage or marks) he liked chase version more even though he didn’t know the ratio. He is ready for a few blind boxes soon.

  4. Tony Rodriguez

    This little girl deserves all this and more (shes my grand daughter) I think her dad would go to the other side of the world for her…and this is a learning page in her life..This little girl is one smart cookie!!!!

  5. psyosix

    kids aren't supposed to drink beer or smoke fags until a certain age but do, i did, so why not collect KR even though it's not for their age group? my neice will have some soon…….very cool

  6. Katie

    PS mine are on the same mini shelves too!! they fit awesome!!

  7. Katie

    hey Sal and Carol!! Screw all the haters on here!! My kids love all these too!! Keep on collecting!! She's is most def the coolest kid on your block!!

  8. Laszlo

    My little boy has a bigger collection ( since its my collection too)

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  10. Sal Rodriguez

    She also has the Richard Goodall Gallery Dalek print set from london on the other walls as well….her room is the best in the house.

  11. Mr. Lee

    Thats why it says she collects them (I think thats what it says!!)…..way to hate on a 3 year old.

    • Mrs. Lee

      U R DIC. (I think that's what I say) :P Way to hate on an innocent comment.

      Do you REALLY think it's the THREE year old that collects them? Geez. I'm sure she picked them all out, ordered them all and paid for them all, then decorated her room and installed the shelves and created the displays. Yeah, totally believable.

      I wasn't hating on the kid, I was hating on KR. My POINT is that KR is featuring this article, yet they say their toys are NOT for kids. Then again, what else can you expect from KR but a bunch on conflicting messages, par for the course. Maybe KR will feature my six year old next, standing in front of my vast collection (with not a single KR toy in it!). Yea!

      • Mr. Lee

        Sounds like a boring collection then…..But answer this, what is the criteria for collecting something?….what age do you have to be?…..its good that kids take a liking to something early and dont follow it later in life cuz its a trend. When I collected cards my parents haD to pay for them til I was able to….they also indulged me by taking me to card/comic shows and buying me cards as gifts. So I ask you, how do you start a collection?

  12. Mrs. Lee

    Isn't there a warning on the box that these are not toys and not for under age 15 (I think that's what it says)!!

  13. Broke

    I like how the ones I made you for the wedding cake are snuck in there too! haha!

  14. elevate

    i like how the parents call it her collection … they are just using the kid as an excuse to collect, heheheh

  15. Ashley Amber Pagan

    She does rule!! All she needs is to design some of her own!