African Minigod Custom 20-inch Dunny By Marka27

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Dunny Azteca II artist, Marka27 is amped up for his new Shadow Serpent Dunny signing tour and has recently completed a jaw-dropping custom African Minigod 20-inch Dunny. Marka’s new one of-a-kind is musically inclined with 4 fully functioning speakers and is adorned with excellent brush work and many detailed accents all throughout. This massive masterpiece will be accompanying Marka for the pre-release signing at Kidrobot New York this Wednesday, then continuing on to Los Angeles on Thursday and San Fransisco on Friday.



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  1. dae one

    In response to do the speakers work, I bought a mini god of his a few years back and the speakers work. Got it signed too. Really nice guy, and smart.

    These 2 new ones are sick, esp this African one, so much detail.!

  2. Joonas Asikainen

    This is amazing! :D

    The only thing I just noticed is the "Sony" clearly readable in the speakers. Would look much better with the texts taken off and with the speakers "smoothened" out a bit more :)