Ask MAD…MAD Answers!

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Kansas City-based artist MAD will be on-premises at Kidrobot NY tomorrow to launch the fresh new BoOoya Mini Series and fall apparel line featuring his work (click here for the details on the exclusive Dunny giveaway!). Then it’s on to Miami to open his show, “We’re All DoOom’d!!” in Kidrobot MIA gallery.

The KRonikle reserved a few minutes of MAD’s jam-packed day tomorrow to ask him some questions about his art, what’s next and what makes him so damn MAD!

But first, the KRonikle asks you, what do you want to ask MAD?

Leave your answers in the comments!

16 Responses

  1. Aristotle

    are you working on any other toy lines besides booya?

  2. John

    While watching your virtual signing on line during SDCC you mentioned you were coming out with a watch and shoes then the video ended. Can you give anymore information on these projects?

  3. BergerBot

    why’s my favorite slice of pizza the white slice?
    is that your favorite slice of pizza?
    dogs or cats?
    do you believe the Iranian elections were a farce?
    If I came to Kansas-City can I crash on your couch?

  4. angel

    Any plans on doing a signing and/or art show in Phoenix, AZ?

  5. cali smith

    What gave you the idea to make a ghost line? Have you ever seen a ghost?

  6. droppixel

    Any plans in the future for a Chicago show/appearance/etc.?

  7. TMH

    More UK coverage. We’re so close to getting our own KR store, maybe having a bit of extra support/coverage would help. Us in Europe are not total spazzes, we have Talent, custom-mad peeps and freak-collectors.

    Time to make that Europe connection people! MAD would make not just a splash… he’d make a CRATER.

    innit :P

  8. Chazzwick

    What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?

  9. BergerBot

    why ghosts MAD?

    is the best place for BBQ Kansas City?

  10. Vinyljustice

    What drew you to Art and the Vinyl toy world? How did you get started?