Exclusive MAD White Ape Giveaway

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updated 8/6

The angry White MAD Ape 3-inch Dunny can’t be bought. But you can get him for free! We’re giving him away today at all Kidrobot retail stores when you make an apparel purchase!

So pick up some hoodies or tees, score 1 of only 500 MAD Apes, and if you’re in NYC, stick around and meet the artist himself at 6pm and he’ll ink your vinyl. Offer valid only while supplies last, so drop by before we run out! See details below!


Check out MAD’s artist profile!

19 Responses

  1. Matt Poczynek

    I couldn’t make it to the Dallas store today, does anybody know if they all sold out there? plan on hitting it in the a.m. if they’re not gone

  2. Paulie Hussle

    I got me 2 of those and i got the new boooyas and the chase we heee

  3. biz1904

    Allready saw mad apes on ebay at 8:04am pacific time!!!!!

  4. BergerBot

    btw…the futurama series is suppose 2 drop on Aug 13th, yet its already on sale at the NYC store…whatsup with that?

  5. degoya

    Want it. Got it. Love it.
    And love previewing the new series!
    \m/ [>_<] \m/

  6. BergerBot

    got him….now im going back to get him signed!

  7. Paulie Hussle

    its on i will be there and it will be mine Oh Yes It Will Be Mine
    and Mark if you want one holla @ me i got u

  8. The Baroness

    Please note that ALL stores (Miami, NY, LA, SF, and Dallas) will be giving out the 3″ Dunny starting at 11AM with the purchase of apparel.

    In order to get the dunny you have TO ASK for it. (That will weed out the people who don’t know about the promotion)

    One dunny per person. Buying 2 hoodies doesnt get you 2 dunnys.

    *Hey New Yorkers – stick around for the MAD signing starting at 6pm that night!

  9. shaneo

    too bad des moines doesn’t have a Kid Robot store. guess i’m just gonna have to fly out to NYC to snatch one up.

  10. Kelly Milner Halls

    Dang, I wrote a book for kids about Albino Animals and I WANT one of these great white DUNNIES, except I live in Spokane, WA, not NYC. Rats. I’m gonna hafta haunt ebay with mega millions I don’t have now. : ( But he is very, very cool.


  11. Jason Walker

    Love the design! Too bad I’m no where near a Kidrobot retail store :( Consider that a vote for a Denver KR store (although I love Plastic Chapel & The 400 very much) :P

  12. nimsu

    For the non-NYC stores, will dunnies be given out with a purchase as soon as the store opens?

  13. MARK

    can anyone get me one of these and I WILL PAY THEMMM?

  14. Jilly

    suh-weeeet! I was gonna hit KR Dallas tomorrow anyway, so bueno timing :D