Bishop’s Angels Hook Brooklyn

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Submitted by Maxim Berger

Be on the look out for heartless creatures popping up all around Brooklyn!!! Although they appear to be harmless, they may cause individuals to experience urges to steal. What are they and where do they come from?

Your commentator first noticed them in Williamsburg, Brooklyn after a late night out. Six months later, the artist known as Bishop was revealed to him as the menace behind the creatures. They are known as “Bangels” (Bishop’s Angels).

The brainchild of artist Bishop203, Bangels are wooden cut-outs of human-like figures whose unique traits include a conical frame, a mischievous facial expression, and a heart-shaped hole where their ticker should be. These figures are only temporary installations (lasting a few hours at most) due to the high-rate of theft they experience.

The thought of stealing the piece in Williamsburg passed your commentators mind, but the effects of that night’s vodka-tonics were taking their toll (my shoes had my lunch on them). Aside from their street appearances, Bangels also find themselves on various canvases. These canvas pieces are now up-for-sale and your commentator bought one himself (entitled “Brooklyn Bridge Bangel”).

Coming to a street near you, so either run and hide or open your hearts and take these heartless fellows into your home.


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21 Responses


    When do I get a toy from Kidrobot. I want a bishop toy

  2. Caits

    Definitely one of the dopest pieces of street art I’ve seen around Brooklyn. Agreed with the above, let’s get some toys! You should check out his canvasses too. Illll.

  3. DeE

    if they come out with toys like this so one let me know on KRDB

    my name is 0_o-_.-*DeE*-._

  4. DeE

    yea those guys are awesome i will buy some …
    well it depends how much $

  5. BergerBot

    yo KR you gotta hook-up the toys…ull be trippin’ if you pass this up

  6. See One

    I stole 1 of these!! I had too, sorry Bishop. I saw like 4 or 5 of them before I took mine, I’ll def be at Kid Robot to buy a toy, these would be so FRESH! How about a glow in the dark Bangel! Crazy!

  7. navossi

    Yo!! Those would make sick toys! I’ve only seen two and both were gone almost immediately. How do you pronouce that name? Like the group from the 80’s on like angel wit a B? Dope shit.

  8. Amyzing69

    I’ve seen these guys around and they are soooo cute! I’m not sure how I feel about stealing street art but if these guys were toys at kidrobot I would buy them all and make them love me!!

  9. George

    I keep seening these guys up in BK. They are really dope. You should make a toy version of these guys in like a billion colors. SERIOUSLY! Until then I look forward to finding them out on the street.

  10. mb11231

    If KR made a toy outta them the lil surprise box part of tha series should have like 6 kinds but only 1 should come w/ a heart

  11. DeE

    o and sorry for posting so much but i forgot to let you know bishop that i’m a big fan

  12. DeE

    i going to do something like this too
    please don’t think I’m copying you that is the last thing on my mind…i was trying to get some stickers made some time ago…
    so i hope i can get them soon so i can sticker up all of NJ and some of NYC
    i hope this works like i hope!
    look for DEE!

  13. DeE

    bishop you should make a KRDB name… and i love the guys you made
    and is there any in Manhattan and Soho because i going to those two places but i don’t really go to brooklyn
    if there not you should!

  14. Bishop203

    now this is a nice surprise!!!!! thanx a lot man! very much appreciated.

    as far as toys go; i am DYING to make that happen!!!!!

  15. JayJayFool

    Thanks for the heads up on the web page! I think i found a new artist to add to my fav list!!!! SICK SICK work! I wanna see some toys some time soon!!!!

  16. JayJayFool

    OH MAN!! I wish I was in Brooklyn!!! Someone needs to do something like this in Vancouver, BC!!!