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Heidi KenneyDo you eat it? Or do you cuddle it? These are the questions we’re always troubled with when working with crafty cute-master, Heidi Kenney. Her ongoing series of Yummys keeps us serving breakfast for every meal.

Heidi Kenney is a self-taught artist who creates plush and 3D soft sculptures, happy (& sometimes very sad) plush veggies, donuts, toilet paper rolls, and other everyday food & household items. Born in Washington DC, Heidi currently lives in Pennsylvania. She started her company and website, My Paper Crane, in 2001 so she would have a place to blog and showcase the plush toys she was making.

Her work has been featured in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Print magazine. She has participated in group exhibitions across the globe including Tokyo, Australia, and The United Kingdom. She recently had her second solo show “If You Lived Here You Would Be Home” in Seattle, WA.


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  1. rayn

    I think she is a awesome artist! Best ever i what it all.

  2. chris willis

    Last year at an Ottawa gift shop I discovered these cute little keychain characters: a strawberry, a pancake, a fried egg…They are so cute, funny, clever, and unusual. When we got home to the U.S. I tried to find a place to buy more of them. Now I want to learn more about the artist and her other creations. Everything I have found by this artist (pillows, dolls, fabric sculptures, etc) just puts a smile on my face! Where did she get the idea to make all these foods with faces? What was her inspiration? She is my favorite artist!