Candice Tripp and Her Houses of Horror!

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Continuing our daily dose of all things Halloween, we bring you the dwellings from all those films that have haunted us since our childhood (or last week). Even if you are not a cinefile, you know some of these Houses of Horror!

Fine artist Candice Tripp has once again brought a brilliant new twist to the Haunted House this Halloween season with her “Houses of Horror” annual series. As she puts it “In 2014 I blundered through painting as many (and yet not daily) houses of horror as I could.

This year I’ve decided to nail 31 houses. I think I should’ve perhaps established some rules for myself, but I went and painted a bungalow with all the aesthetic vigour of a briefly worn athletic sock left next to the bath, so my reasoning varies greatly”.

Being a fan of the horror genre, painting classic houses of horror is easy for Candice. Since it is second nature to her, she painted amazing renditions of these devilish dwellings that have brought terror to us for years. This year, she not only graced us with classic films like Little Shop of Horrors (above) and Salem’s Lot but also very modern as of two weeks ago with Crimson Peak. What started out as fun and has become a huge hit, we thank you Candice! For more info on Candice and all the Houses of Horror, you can visit her site at

Trick R treat

The Marsten house Salem’s Lot
The Marsten house in Salem’s Lot

Allerdale Hall Crimson Peak
Allerdale Hall of Crimson Peak

Cotton House Hellraiser
Cotton House, Hellraiser