Coarsetoys False Friends Signature Release

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False Friends Loser Signature Edition by Coarsetoys

False Friends Losers, noop and paw! are here now in a new limited Signature edition from the surfer-dude toy masters at Coarsetoys.

Sold out all over the place, but on at sale now

False Friends Signature Edition by Coarsetoys

4 Responses

  1. Alejandro Olivera

    Holly picadilli..
    I could make a cartoon/3d serie based on this toys….sooo cool!

    ..I just saw the price too.. Not so good now. jajaja (440U$s = 1698AR$…YEEZ!).

  2. Rhiannon Healy

    aww crap! there won't b time to order this and the dead bunny! ok 2 separate orders then…

    i'm still gonna try and get this guy, my first coarse toy!