Custom Dunny Assassins by Grimsheep

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Previously honored KING OF THE BOARDS artist, Grimsheep is back in action with his latest set of custom Dunnys. Created for a fellow KR Forums member, this pair of assassins are armed to the teeth and are pretty stylish as well. Notice the detailed denim texture Grim has painstakingly created on the panda.




9 Responses

  1. Connor Bacon

    I like the Panda the best, mostly because of his leather jacket and denim jeans. So are these availible to by anywhere? And if so are they expensive or priced at normal cost of Dunnys?

  2. Joonas Asikainen

    Brilliant. The jeans are a top-notch detail.

  3. bergerbot

    those pistols look more like radar guns if you ask me….but the designs are hot nonetheless