Daily Dunny 2010 – Day 12

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UPDATED: 8/13/10

Dunny Series 2010 is advancing towards the explosive launch date of August 19. Everyday until then there is a fresh new photo of a Dunny from DS 2010 and a contest. Hit up the map of participating launch party locations to find one closest to you. The Daily Dunny for Day 12 is a design of conjoined enemies by Michelle Valigura.

Contest: What company does Michelle co-own with Amanda Visell.

Enter to win a Mega MUNNY! Email your answers to Dunny2010@kidrobot.com by 11:59 pm PST to enter the drawing to win.

Congratulations to Shawn B. You won a Mega MUNNY!

You were entered in the drawing if you answered one the two, Switcheroo or The Girls Production.

19 Responses

  1. rsinart

    Congrats Shawn, I am jealous as you know, that said I will steal the Mega from your house next month when I visit.

  2. bergerbot

    this dunny is a bit racist…i mean red skin really?
    im cool with a little racist humor…but watch ya back KR
    Unless Michelle Valigura is Native American, than people (indians – the feather kind) may be offended.

    • stayhungry

      this post is a bit racist…i mean feather kind really?
      i'm not cool with any racist humor…and i don't see anything wrong with this
      I don't know about Michelle Valigura but I am American Indian (but that doesn't matter), and I am not offended. Also, why would Michelle's heritage make it any more or less acceptable?

      • Bergerbot

        lol yea ur right hungry…it was meant to be ironic
        im guessing i dont have to spell out why
        And to answer your question, it really shouldn't make a difference. However, it seems that when a person of a certain ethnic group pokes fun or uses racist terms towards their own group, it is thought of as acceptable. Like when black people use the "N-word" (i hate that expression) it is ok. But not when others use it.

        Glad we cleared that up buddy.

        • the dooderino

          read her bio about the inspiration and she just thinks its funny to be conjoined enemies. not to be taken to seriously.

    • rjl

      Racist? Really? God are we getting too sensitive.

      There was some noise about this on the KR boards about this being "offensive" – not so much the depiction of the Native American as it was being conjoined with a cowboy. Except that was silly as well, as "cowboys" were primarily ranch-hands. Laborers. Not some organized "injun hit squad". The US Army (of the time) – and other Native Americans – were the true battlefield enemy of the Native American.

      We need to lighten up. These are just two iconic / classic American symbols that have been done a million times over, in a number of different ways.

      (And if this was "racist", the heritage of the creator shouldn't really be the determining factor as to whether or not the work is racist.)

  3. Loving This Tee

    Ahh I love this Dunny! Yet another great one in the series

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  5. hauptbahnhof

    this ones my favourite til now! great concept too :)