DIY Doppelflowers

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Collecting toys doesn’t mean lining them up on the shelf for Laurel & Gabe. Check out their bouquet of “Doppelflowers” and instructions on how you can do it yourself.

Submitted by Laurel & Gabe

Inspiration: A colorful bouquet of flowers

Materials Needed:
1) miniTotem Doppelgangers ($4.95 each)
2) green pipe cleaners ($1.50)
3) spool of wire ($5.95)
4) black tissue paper ($2.50)
5) a vase (you probably have one of these kicking around)
6) Scissors

Total Cost: Varies, depending on how many “flowers” you want

Total Time: 15-20 minutes

How To DIY:

1) Shred the black tissue paper into small strands, you will use this to stuff the vase and help hold the flowers in place.

2) To make the stems cut strands of wire ranging in length from 9-15 inches.  Holding a a green piper cleaner and the wire at the tip, twist the pipe cleaner around to give it a stem look.

3) Grab your miniTotem Doppelganger and stuff about 1 inch of twisted  wire/pipe cleaner into the preexisting hole at the bottom of the ghost.

4) Repeat this process depending on how many doppleflowers you plan to make.

5)  Stuff the base of the vase with some of the shredded tissue paper, insert all of your doppleflowers and arrange them as needed.  Using a pen stuff the remaining tissue paper into place, holding the stems where you’d like them to stay in place.

10 Responses

  1. caleb

    No they still look like child crafts.
    The pipe cleaners make them look even cheaper and they don’t match the color scheme of the ghosts.

  2. Doppleflower

    This is an awesome project, and a great idea. Thanks for planting the seed and showing us a creative way of doing something different with the figures.

  3. NotNotARobot

    Neat idea but it could have been executed better.

  4. Skew

    This is a good idea. This isn’t “ruining” a collectible toy by any means. The ability to modify objects, especially in the sculpture genre of collectible toys, to suit your own personal aesthetic involves a creativity that is both a fundamental aspect of art and completely lacking in the merely passive collection of these “toys.” I can’t believe someone would complain about a “toy” being degenerated to a second grade level anyway. They’re cheap, colorful, and charicatures of childish ghosts. Kudos to the chick or dude who made something interesting out of stuff that would otherwise just sit around on your shelf in the same form as the day it came out of the factory in China.

  5. Dominic

    Why would you ruin a completely good toy and make it into some childish art project?

  6. caleb

    this is a mockery of collectible toys.This looks like something we would do in second grade.