KRTV – Joe Ledbetter Signing at Kidrobot LA

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Joe Ledbetter talks about his new toy, Slander Snake during the toy’s signing at Kidrobot LA!

Joe wasn’t the only one with something to say. The Baroness interviewed one of the toy designer’s biggest fan about what makes him need to collect Mr. Ledbetter’s work.

Slander Snake will be available in stores soon, but you can shop for other Ledbetter toys right now!

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  1. Bergerbot

    did anyone else catch joe’s reference to the upcoming Finders Keepers series…he says that the idea for slander came from the “first” finders keepers series…but wait joe…there was only one so far…hmmmm…i reckon the 2nd series has already been designed and therefore will drop within a year at most.