Dunny Hunt ’09 NYC!

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The hunt begins tomorrow at 10am on the streets of New York City!

Find and collect your own set of virtual Dunnys from Series 2009 and win huge prizes, including a full set of DS2009!

Check out the Dunny Hunt web site to learn how to play and to set up your iPhone or Blackberry.

10 Responses

  1. thenakedone

    So… someone want to send me the pictures of the codes they are taking?

  2. purpleoctopus

    playing on a palm lightyears away from nyc… missing my hometown! good luck all and please stash away some more codes online ;-) xo

  3. GRCnyc

    It’s iPhone friendly but not iPhone limited! Check the compatibility of the code scanning app. You definitely need net connection though.

  4. Rainer

    I can’t do it
    Because I don’t have the Internet on My Phone

  5. phatman81

    DUDE!!! this is so cool! i wish i could be in the city all week to do this. i may have to make a trip though for the hell of it…

  6. Bergerbot

    yea i dont own a smartphone so i guess im screwed…i guess only the “cool kids” can play this game

  7. ShauntilJ

    aww man why this have to be in NY i wish they can do something like this in Chicago

  8. Psyn

    I think having the event only accessable to iphones and Blackberries is very unfair.