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  1. obsidian

    I went to the Spring Street location today at around 11am and there was no code there. I looked everywhere. I noticed that the google maps where the locations are indicated says Kidrobot for the Spring Street location. Maybe it is not really on Spring Street but instead the daily codes that Kidrobot will have in the store on Prince Street instead?

  2. Oroblram

    I forget which but some of the locations gives you a bonus dunny. I went through everything with my girlfriend and a friend today and we all got the bonuses, which got us up to 13 with us only missing the one on Spring.

    What time was it when you went to the Spring street one? And where was it approximately?

  3. NYC Guy

    I hit all of the locations and came up with 10… I’m not sure how 12 and 17 are happening… oh well… Spring Street was there…

    1 daily at the store… 1 bonus for inviting a friend… 1 on the website… and 8 others… HELP

  4. Oroblram

    I was looking for an hour and couldn’t find the Spring Street one either and I was also wondering about the 17 points. Actually, I hit all the locations aside from Spring and did the website and invite and came up with only 12 points, where did you get 13?

  5. GRCnyc

    at first i was clueless as to what i was looking for. after the first 1 i got an idea… but there are still 2 locations where i must have combed every inch of the block… to not find the code, either someone ripped it down, or by then i was too tired to see straight. anyone get the spring & greene st code? where the hell was it?! another thing is about the leaderboard, if there was only 8 or 9 clues, how did people get 17 points?

  6. JayJayFool

    I’m so happy i get to miss out on this b/c i don’t have an iphone or BB!! Who ever said money can’t buy you happiness is dumb!!

  7. Sundona Kittikhoun

    where did people already find the second dunny?