Subversive DUNNY Street Art Scavenger Hunt

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Recently featured in the Huffington Post, LA street artist, Bankrupt Slut has been taking his custom DUNNYS to the streets with a subversive street art scavenger hunt. With the majority popping up on Melrose in LA, there has been over 70 3-inch DUNNYS placed on the streets throughout Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Orlando. For all you DUNNY fans keep your eyes peeled for these hot little numbers popping up where you least expect it.











10 Responses

  1. Kush42

    I looked and I looked….. I found nothing except for all the spots that looked like there once was a hidden prize…. Even a really clever clay roof tile up on some pipes in the back alley of melrose… i thought for sure it would be bihind there… but no… :o(
    Better luck next time.

  2. Kidrotobot

    I super glued a dunny in my local bar when nobody was looking once. hahaha

  3. Fortwo42

    OMG my friends and I found three(Yellow, Pink, Blue) of them on Melrose past Fairfax. All were together and were up high on a storefront above a bunch of Graffiti. This was in Early October. We were just walking along and homeboy spotted them and we snatched them up to add to our collection, not knowing who bankrupt slut was, it was just cool and out there.