STANCE – Vinyl Toy DIY Sneaker

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Product designer, Delroy Dennisur has launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to jump start his new DIY vinyl shoe platform toy, STANCE. This new project connects the art and creativity of the customizable toy community with the passion and emotion of the sneaker culture. You can pledge your support for STANCE and help get this platform toy off the ground.

What do you think about this sneaker head art toy?




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  1. Andra

    How much are these going for? If they are going for less than a pair of Vans then I would buy them and get an awesome artist I know to make me something awesome!! Then sell it for even more!!
    Or since I am an Artist myself it be nice to just draw really cool stuff on them. Kinda like being your own little Vinyl artist.
    I like the idea, I just wonder about the price.

  2. Syd

    To the comments above. Did you all take the time to see the positive in this project before you starting hating on it? How many times have you shopped for shoes & the design wasn't quite exactly what you liked but you got it anyway because what else choice did you have? This is a way to create your own style, what YOU like w/out having to worry about wearing what everyone else is wearing. I think this is a great idea but to each it's own I suppose, you can continue to buy the same simple jordans that everyone else is wearing.

  3. Pabs

    i need to agree w/ Night Owl.. i can (and do) scribble on my own sneaks

  4. Night Owl

    i can't help but hate on this. instead of encouraging people to design their own sneakers, you instead "designed" a single blank nike-esque shoe so adults can indulge in yet another kindergarten arts and crafts project. way to go. what kind of business model forces the consumer to supply vital aspects of labor and design? what role does STANCE play as a business, exactly? there are already plenty of companies to supply blank injection molded products, except they supply them to businesses to do something other than put the blank in a box and call it a product. this is a lazy product and a lazy business model. the only way to make it even more slovenly is to put a brick of soap in the box, and include instructions on how to whittle the shoe blank yourself.

    • ru550

      I wouldn't go so far as to say that this is an example of poor business, kidrobot capitalizes on their DIY munnys and sponsors artists and designers alike to partake in these activities which can go for up to $200 dollars. The shoe may not be so interesting, but its about the experience you have with designing your own shoe. And also, I wouldn't say that its just going to be adults indulging in a kindergarten arts and crafts project, if your willing to drop however much for a block of vinyl then your more than likely committed to creating.

    • Kaihypken

      I disagree. So those who sell blank canvasses for artists show poor buisness dealings? Or what about those who provide the materials needed for sculpting, my husband has a serious shoe addiction and this kind of hobby is right up his alley he can design his own adult toy for himself and he can design his own REAL shoe also, on NIKEID. They go hand in hand.

  5. Tory

    meh, why don't you just buy a white pair of real Chucks or something and paint those? The little box is cute, though. Also agree with the comment before me; a pair makes more sense (I wonder if it's a matter of being able to fit both into the box, as real sneakers are more pliable and this kind of vinyl is not.)

  6. Jamie Mimic Stubbs

    Being a complete Adidas addict im intrigued by this, could be a great idea, would be nice if the sneakers came in pairs like the real thing :)