Endangered Dunnys Attack!

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Animal instincts are sharper than ever in the super-rare “hyper series,” Dunny Endangered! Featuring 15 designs (and 2 chases) by 13 incredible artists, the Endangered Dunny Series was so dangerous and cannibalistic, even we barely got our hands on them before they went extinct.
Watch the carnage unfold in this video!

Contributing artists to the Endangered Dunny Series include Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, Elizabeth Berdann, Chuckboy, Frank Kozik, Jeremyville, Joe Ledbetter, Kronk, Michelle Valigura, Mr. Shane Jessup, Sket One, Tad Carpenter, Triclops Studio and Touma.

  1. Joelle

    I think this series is amazing! Definatly my favorite so far, but i didn’t get a chance to buy any of my own seeing as calgary, alberta didn’t get any in store =( and shipping from kr is so expensive for canadians. LOVE the series though, can’t wait for the next one!