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We are all pretty familiar with the handy work of Kidrobot’s favorite twins, Carlos and Ernesto East aka The Beast Brothers. But what and how is it that this artistic duo can live on opposing corners of the country, work so seamlessly and create such charismatic and quirky designs. Twin telepathy maybe. I recently caught up with both of these super rad guys to pick their identically sized brains via ichat (so please mind the punctuation and spelling errors as we go on about our conversation typing ;P).

AIM Chat 10:02 AM

WB: buenos dias dudes!

ernesto east has joined this chat.

E: whats up loco?

WB: its another beautiful morning in boulder

E: its getting hot here in Miami. Carlos is on the way

WB: sounds good. i got all the studio photos you sent. your music lab is pretty interesting.

E: cool, i have those in mexico so i cant experiment. i have a nordmodular here

WB: in your new profile pics, you both look like rock stars

E: i miss those sun glasses

WB: rockin’ the blu blockers. hehehehe

E: those where 20 years old and they fitted awesomely.

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C: hey wheelbarrow. power up!

WB: yeah! i’m pumped! i am missing your accents tho. it’s not the same talking to you guys.

E: :P

C: hahahha. i know. are you gonna be at sdcc?

WB: oh yeah! you know it! SDCC here i come!

C: We both will be there. so its fun time.

E: so there will be trouble!

C: on the double

E: + Mr.R

WB: most definitely! double the trouble!! hahaha

C: we should make the second part of your movie. where in sdcc is wheelbarrow ;)

WB: i was just thinking about that. “where is wheelbarrow? part dos”

E: :D

C: hahah

WB: what’s up with amazing custom 8-inch  Azteca Calendario Dunny? How many of those monumental customs have you made total

C: enough. but they look amazing. not for nothing

WB: hahahhaa indeed!

C: and we are making the stone one too. people dig it. and whats awesome is that the head is hollow

E: so its not so heavy

WB: WUUUUUUT! your custom work just get’s more and more intense

C: hahaha intense is right. lots of work on them but is worth it

E: and we are working on many other things :D

C: at the end they look like they where made in a factory (a 2 men factory)

WB: the seamlessness of your collaborative efforts  are always impressive

C: gracias

E: :) its that way because we really enjoy it

WB: how do you guys go about creating such a beautiful Dunny living in two separate parts of the country? do you have twin telepathy or something? hahahaha

C: the magic of the internet

E: and twin dsl

C: this kind of collab wouldnt be posible 10 years ago with dial up. haha

E: one word: DROPBOX

C: that too. its 2 word in one


WB: can you guys walk me through the “usual” creative processes you take when developing new work?

E: We talk about it first

C: we talk everyday

E: plenty

C: and we share sketches links ideas pictures

E: then we sketch some of the outstanding ideas

C: depending on the project. we decide what we are going to do

WB: does it hinder or benefit you guys to live and work in separate parts of the country?

C: and start the back and forth

E: it would be awesome to be in the same state

C: it would be cool to live closer

E: more power gathered in the same place. but we have to work this way and make it into a good thing

WB: was there anything in particular that made you two choose to work as a team as opposed to individually?


C: we like the same things

E: and we’ve known each other since born being twins.

WB: hahhahaa, your profile pics of you as children always make me smile. :) who’s oldest?

C: ernesto, but im wisest

WB: hahahaha

E: noooooooot! i was born first but it was a matter of seconds. like a horse race :D

C: still the wisest. me.

E: they thought it was 1 huge baby

C: and it turne out to be 2 regular sized babies

WB: hahaha. What were some of your favorite toys growing up?

E: i like turtles jajajaja :P


E: big time!

C: mutant ones

E: dino riders and Gi Joe

C: M.A.S.K, Thunder cats and Invisible force

WB: g.i. joes where some of my favoritest too

E: the vehicles where the best

C: we used to customize them with plasticine

E: M.A.S.K as well and we used to paint our TMNT with testors paint

WB: and so the art toy obsession began!

C: our favorite toys where the ones with masks or helmets like lando calrisian from the OG star wars

WB: it’s all about the details

C: we didnt like that some toys had crappy paint jobs so we would paint them ourselves

E: and the bounty hunters where the bomb

C: from star wars. we loved those too. mmmmmm

WB: your custom toys now-a-days are world renowned for the details and execution. Is there any one piece that stands out in your minds?

E: the stuff we made with Ferg also the BUB customs

C: i like them all we get better each one we make. practice makes master.

WB: exactly!

C: besides we try to experiment with new ways of getting more details

E: and we experiment with new materials all the time

WB: is there any particular platform toy you both prefer to customize

C: dunnys are nice. its all about keeping the shape of the platform.

WB: i love your customs have lots of texture

E: bub is fun. i hate when people make something but add so much stuff to it that you barely can see the original shape i love to experiment with textures and rust

C: its harder to make something cool keeping the original shape of the toy

WB: your new custom SHININ 3-inch Dunny is AMAZING! mucho beasty!

E: im glad you liked it

C: i made the mold for it and ernesto made the sculpt

WB: you guys are great at documenting the process it’s really enjoyable for fans and customizers to see how you two work.

C: its part of our way of working together. we like to do that so we can show each other what we are doing and then we can show the people

E: so they can try as well. its fun showing them. knowledge its meant to be shared

C: its more personal that way

WB: it is a noble thing to share this tried and true methods. not everyone has as much control over their customs like you two. it really inspires people to see behind the scenes.

C: what makes the difference is the practice and talent of each individual

WB: trial and error for sure!

E: then we combine it. lots of trial

C: lots of error. hahah. but that makes you a better artist

WB: hahahaha

E: some times yes some times not lol

WB: your design for Dunny Series 2010 took on another type of inspiration, Techno Viking! Any reason why you chose him instead of Chocolate Rain, Triple Rainbow or any of the other numerous viral icons?

C: hahaha

E: :P

WB: the milkshake was such a odd and interesting accessory

C: we wanted to make people laugh

E: besides we love milkshakes

C: and we have viking heritage

WB: art doesn’t give people many laughs these days. i found it quite refreshing.

E: and thats just the peak of the iceberg

C: we try to do the best we can

WB: what’s your favorite kind of milkshake?

C: chocolate, dulce de leche. its the best. not easy to find.

E: cajeta AKA dulce de leche. have you tried cajeta? it’s to die for !!! @_@

WB: i enjoy a nice vanillla bean/ ovaltine one myself! mmmmmmmm

C: yumm that too

WB: are you guys excited for your new upcoming project with kidrobot?

E: big time


E: lots of Techno music!

C: hahaha we are excited about this year

WB: we got a nice proto peek of the new sculpts. KidØlaf is lookin’ pretty epic

E: he likes Raves :D

C: Milkshakes

E: and pillaging

WB: he will look really sweet next to my DS2010 design! top it off with the new KidØlaf shirt!

E: indeed

C: nice trio hahahaha

E: lots of party!

C: im wearing mine

E: me two

C: very cool

WB: im wearing the customized Calavera shirt you sent me for the holidays! i love that you put my full name on the front. cracks me up.   hahahahha

E: lol :D im glad you liked it

WB: are there any other words you would like to share with all your fans in internet land?

C: we will be in Taipei and the philipines

E: so come and say hi

WB: lucky!

E: also if you are starting into customizing and all that, check our flickr so you can get an idea on how to start (thats where we post all the makings).

WB: thanks for rappin’ out with me this morning! now get back to work!

C: oh yeeah! thank you! you rock.

E: no problem buddie

WB: peace out. :})

C: ciao

E: caio

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