Graffiti On The Go

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It’s never too late to grab some paint. Check out Graffomat. This vandal vending machine is your answer for those late night bursts of inspiration. Fully stocked with an arsenal of cans, tips, gloves, and even ski masks. That glass better be bullet proof, or they might run out of stock pretty quickly.





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  1. Luke Chin

    You cannot create a set of criteria that art has to mirror in order for it to qualify as art. Vandalism is vandalism because the canvas happens to be someone's private property. There's no line one crosses to suddenly transition into art territory contrary to the "vandlism" it would have been otherwise. Just because someone might be in a gang makes them no less of an artist. That person just happens to be both in a gang and an artist. But intrinsically we're all artists. Even you Student_X. The words you chose in your post; the emotions you're trying to convey with what you've written. Its your art, and no one will ever be able to recreate what you've conveyed EXACTLY the way that you've conveyed it. You've influenced every person reading the comments section that has seen your post. Even my post is only a reaction to what you've said. That is art, and sometimes people think its good, and sometimes people think its bad. Sometimes it doesn't matter what anyone thinks because YOU have created something and hopefully you've said what you wanted to say. If there's one thing art CAN be compared to, really, it is nothingness. The blank canvas. That's all we were when we were born, and every time you sit down to type in these little boxes, that's what you begin with. To consider anyone anything less than an artist of their own life and expression would make you a hypocrite. We're not all hypocrites, right?

    • Alex

      The way you've put it here just waters down art. Look, most of us are from a generation that we were told we could be anything we want, and that we can obtain anything we want. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone is an artist, not everyone is an accountant and not everyone is the President of the United States. Why? Because not everyone learns, experiences or behaves the same way, and not everyone has the right blend of skills, life experiences, etc. to become an artist. If we say everyone is an artist, and anything they do can be art, that means that me going to the bathroom this morning was an act of art. And maybe it was to some people, but that doesn't mean it was good art, even if it was art. Similarly, me punching out someone while I'm drunk and pissed off might qualify as an expression, and nobody will ever be able to reconstruct the way I broke that hypothetical person's nose, but that doesn't mean it's art. If art is just me expressing myself, then art might as well be completely meaningless, and it's obviously not if we want to judge by people's reactions to it.

      So to put it bluntly, the answer is no. Not everyone is an artist, not everything we do to express ourselves qualifies as art. We are not all everyone of us that talented and gifted that we should call ourselves artists. Not all art is good art either, and that's another matter entirely. But my point is to say every expression a person makes is art cheapens the effort of those who make it, and comparing it to nothingness is a bit of an insult to the artist. Obviously your opinion will differ, but it's been my experience, that saying anything can be art leads to some pretty low standards.

      • Kevin Ray Smith

        Art is relative (to each his own). For me it is the content within the art. To be more exact it is the subtle story the art tells about the artist or the world as they see it. A tag is just a name I see no content in a tag other than "this is me/us" or "this is mine/ours". A tag for me is not art for the same reason writing my name in calligraphy is not art.

  2. Edlar

    This whole situation is just too deliciously ironic to be true…

  3. pete

    Are you guys idiots or what? then again, most people who do graffiti are dumbass.

  4. Germal

    This is fckng awesome ill get 45 spray cans with the price of one

  5. artbiz2day

    Funny idea!
    Pic # 3: Now if only there were some people with talent doing some nice street art….sigh.
    I like good street art…not so keen on smears and streaks and loops and (blargh) letters/words…..

    • this guy sucks.

      it is always nice to see some good old fashioned pretension about graffiti.
      you my friend are an ass, and i wouldn't call those doodles you do on post it notes from the inside of your office cubical art either.
      people express themselves.
      they are doing it for people who appreciate it.

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